Currency within Decentraland

Hi I was wondering if any thought has been put into currencies to use within Decentraland. Of course Mana could be used within the system but it was ICOed and I see it more for land. Ether could be used but it will be PoS and potentially non liquid and isn't designed to be used as a currency anyways its to secure the Ethereum network. Obviously it would be fantastic if true Bitcoin could be used for exchanges within Decentraland but it's kind of slow and isn't very compatible with ethereum or smart contracts. One thing I noticed thst was interesting recently is there is a true Bitcoin replica token which is proof of work mined and designed to be used as 'bitcoin' within ethereum applications, 0xbitcoin. It seems like it was designed specifically for projects like Decentraland and the devs say it actually was. It never had premining or an ico to stick to the true Bitcoin philosophy but it's an ERC20 token. This seems more attractive for use in a decentralized world than a ico / Centralized money. submitted by