Bitpay, please allow people who use wallets that don't support Bip70 to pay invoices

Jaxx wallet doesn't support Bip70, therefore I can't use Bitpay to buy stuff online. Bip70 is a bad idea anyways. Bitpay should allow the user to just copy/paste the amount and address into their wallet manually. As long as said address is delivered to the user via HTTPS the user is protected against a man-in-the-middle anyways, so BIP70 in that context is useless anyways. The fact that Bitpay is broken to users who use wallets that don't support BIP70 (which is most wallets) is a huge problem for the entire ecosystem. Most merchants who accept both BCH and BTC use bitpay. This is unacceptable. submitted by /u/freework [link] [comments]