My thoughts on how to solve the adoption issue. (discussion welcome)

Oyster is groundbreaking, there is no doubt about it, but it suffers from the same thing that gives it a unique advantage, the network effect. By this i mean the network grows more valuable the more people use it, but for the very first users there will be little to no value. To give website owner the incentive to run web node there must be a large enough base of storage consumers. For widespread adoption of storage the network must be hassle free and comparable to storage solutions from the giants (dropbox, google drive, etc.) The problem: While the network is in early stages upload speeds will likely be very slow, and may deter average storage users. My solution: A wrapper with a 'storage buffer'. This wrapper would host files on a centralized server while it is being uploaded to the tangle, once it is fully uploaded to the tangle it is then deleted from the server. Download speed from the tangle are lightning fast and not an issue. This is just a thought i had on how to weather the rocky early stages of