Back in 2014, a "friend" laundered 10k of cash through my PayPal and gave me a stipend.

Continued from title. I was naive to his intentions, and just wanted the quick cash. I knew he was in at the ground-floor of bitcoin, but I never thought anything of it. Eventually my PayPal got shut down because of the cash laundering and I didn't give him back a 2k balance because I was selling a lot on eBay at the time and it cut down my cash flow immensely. He was buying large volume of BTC through circle using cash laundered through my PayPal, something you can't do any longer. He's probably hodling and millionaire right now, probably evading taxes. This dude pretended to be my friend and "help me out" when he made me liable for the laundered money attached. to my PayPal. Should I rat him out to the IRS? (Form 3949-A) Am I liable or could I get in trouble myself for not having declared that money in my PayPal to the IRS back in that tax year? I am a good tax monkey, and always pay what I owe, but I'm concerned if I get audited that this could come back to bite me one year. What 2 do? submitted by