Here is what Martin had to say about the importance of the TEPCO partnership. The energy market in Japan is in flux. Post-Fukushima, nuclear power was very rapid phased out. Govt provided a lot of incentives to build new power assets, a lot of it solar. Key to this was the Feed In Tariff (FIT) A FIT is like a bonus that the govt pays on every unit of energy generated. It's extra revenue for the asset owner and made the projects very lucrative But FIT tarrifs end in 2019 So imagine a whole country... Where every solar farm operator used to receive an extra bonus... Suddenly that's cut off They're back to relying on selling their power to the big boys, likely settling at a wholesale price... User asks: (Can you estimate how much can Electrify replace these FIT by saving costs? 50%? 30%?) Martin: That's hard to say. We're only scratching the tip of the iceberg. On the last trip to Tokyo, I was there 2 and a half weeks and almost every day I was having meetings with energy companies, asset owners and even Nomura