Candy Machine - Improvement Suggestion

I can appreciate that the Candy Machine concept can encourage trading and draw in new traders. I had many tickets in the CM and each one returns 1 Token (mainly Shipping Token). Which after winning a few of those, I still cannot trade out because the value is so low. I now have some tokens which I will never be able to access because I do not want invest in those tokens. Suggestion For tokens you are shilling in the machine - check the members balance, if it is less than an amount that can be traded set the minimum payout / winning token amount to the amount you can actually trade. You guys have a beautiful site and app. As a HODLer of COB I am very frustrated at the LOW volume and watching myself trade at Binance, Bittrex and KuCoin because of low volume on Cobinhood. submitted by /u/CryptoMarketSpy [link] [comments]