Compare Bitcoin to other cryptos and any equity with this new tool!

Hi all! Thanks to everyone who already provided feedback on my newest creation for the community, my crypto asset comparison tool. As part of the first round of feedback I received from the community, one request was to include more cryptos, so I am happy to announce that I have added the following: NEO / ADA / EOS / ETC. This is of course in addition to the assets already included: ETH / BTC / BCH / LTC / and every US equity. I would very much appreciate your continued feedback, so please do check it out! It is, as was the case with my previous creations, both hosted via the web for those who want a quick-and-easy option, and also usable / customizable locally, for those who want more control :) If you find it even the least bit helpful or interesting, I would greatly appreciate if y'all could leave it a star on GitHub so that more people will see it, critique it, and help to improve it for the community. Thanks and have a great weekend! submitted by /u/quant_king [link] [comments]