The Htmlcoin Community Update 2018

Dear Htmlcoin Community, Our company is not an ICO. We are a blockchain company that is designed to revolutionize the world with probable use-case projects in the works and in the pipeline. The Htmlcoin has been in business for more than 4 years promoting our blockchain technology to developers worldwide. We are committed to our mission and vision as we have always been. Because we are a growing company, Htmlcoin will continue to adapt to meet the ever changing needs of the emerging technology, known as blockchain. We are in the process of hiring an outside Marketing agency to help manage our social media, marketing and digital needs. Our foundation realizes our limitations and will be outsourcing some of the talent who will be partnering with us from a well established marketing agency that can help manage our online presence and to help identify weaknesses in our marketing strategy. The company we select will also assist Htmlcoin Foundation in furthering our brand throughout the world. Htmlcoin will have