Future of HTML

I would like to start by saying thank-you to the foundation for the update. I am still holding and will continue to do so as I have sold other coins before only to watch the values rise afterwards. I have also held and watched values drop to nothing, it's nothing more than an educated guess. To be honest, I don't really care about the concerns of someone who "invests" a couple thousand dollars. As a business owner myself, I don't run my business according to what my customers want. I find customers who are looking for what my business is interested in offering. If you feel that HTML coin is not offering what you want, then you should go find another coin that is offering something you are interested in. I understand that the plans and roadmap have changed, and that's normal for any business, and just like other businesses, time will tell if these decisions were wise or not. I for one was hoping to see the HTML POMA plans come to fruition, but it just isn't going to happen. For those of you who have lost