Vechain & Ethereum market history comparrison

From the time Ethereum was listed on the market in May 2015 its value moved in a range from approx $0.50usd to $15usd in late Feb. 2017, where within days it hit a new high of $55usd where it hovered in the $45-$55 range until April 26th... 9 days later it hit $103, 13 days after that $228... 18 days later $414.76.... Compare both vechain historical data and ethereum My point - with the right turn of events Vechain will take off almost overnight. Itll continue with gradual gains until out of nowhere id say the price will 2x, 3x, 10x or more and it will happen quickly. Ofcourse there will be those who say we cant compare Vechain to Ethereum, or there is no way to say Vechain will follow a similar pattern, and i agree im speculating here but i see Vechain is at the point where Ethereum was in Jan 2017 when it hovered in the $10