Wallet Problems

Hi I am trying to move my Verge from a paper wallet to an exchange and will need to import it to a software wallet first. I have tried: Coinomi - Whenever I try to sweep the private key I get "Error occurred while performing action" (iOS). Verge Electrum Wallet - Does not connect/go online. Searched this sub and tried all remedies and none worked. QT Wallet - Downloaded the qt wallet, since synchronisation was taking too long I downloaded the Verge blockchain directly and extracted it to the qt wallets directory. Now the wallet won't even sync, the progress bar does not even show up. Does anyone have any ideas? Edit: I just tried Coinomi on an old android phone and it worked perfect, if you own Verge keep it on an exchange or buy an Android phone and download Coinomi, Coinomi on iOS is useless in my experience. submitted by /u/CJ_900 [link] [comments]